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Eran Tzur

ערן צור

Rock singer, composer and songwriter Eran Tzur was born in 1965 in Kiryat Hayim, near Haifa. He began writing music at age 14 and later studied at the Rimon School of Music. In 1986, Tzur joined the Tattoo band as its bassist, composer and songwriter, and made an album with them. Later, he started the Carmela Gross Wagner rock band, which released an album in 1991 with Tzur as its vocalist. During the 1990s, he performed as a soloist; he also wrote the music for Edna Mazya’s plays and for a performance of Yona Wallach’s poems. After living for a while in New York and Paris, he released two more albums. In 2005, a special edition of The Ashmans came out together with a CD in which the author performs his novel to music.

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