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Gabriel Bensimhon

גבריאל בן-שמחון

Gabriel Bensimhon was born in Sefrou, Morocco, in 1938, and came to Israel with his family at age 10. An author and filmmaker, he studied literature and Biblical studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and later at the Sorbonne, where he received a PhD in theater and film studies. Bensimhon taught at Tel Aviv University until 2006, in the departments of film/TV and theater arts. He has also been a visiting professor at UCLA, USC, NYU and Cornell University. He is now Professor Emeritus. Bensimhon has published plays, screenplays, poetry, short stories, novels and a book on the Fellini’s cinema. His play, A Moroccan King, produced by Israel’s Habima National Theater, won the Lieber Award for Classic Jewish Drama (1978). He has been awarded the Book Publishers Association’s Gold Prize for A Girl in a Blue Shirt (2014)

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