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Haim Be’er

חיים באר

Haim Be’er was born in Jerusalem in 1945 and was raised in an Orthodox home. He completed his army service in the military chaplaincy. In 1966, he began working for Am Oved Publishing House and a few years later became member of the editorial board. For many years, he also wrote a weekly column for the daily Davar. He taught Hebrew literature and creative writing at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and at present he is editor of the Kesset Project for debut fiction. Be’er has received several literary awards for his poetry and fiction, including the Prime Minister’s Prize twice (1979; 1993), the Bernstein Prize (1980), the Kugel Prize (2000), the Bialik Prize (2002), the ACUM Prize for Lifetime Achievement (2005), the Neuman Prize (2008), the Brenner Prize (2011), the Prime Minister’s Award for the Fostering and Preservation of the Hebrew language (2012), the Ramat Gan Prize (2013) and the Agnon Prize (2017). His novel, Feathers, is included in “The Greatest Works of Modern Jewish Literature” (2001).

Photo by: Dan Porges

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