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Maya Bejerano

מאיה בז'רנו

Maya Bejerano was born at Kibbutz Elon in 1949, and now lives in Tel Aviv. She holds a BA in literature and philosophy from Bar-Ilan University, has studied violin and flute, and has an MA in library science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Bejerano has taught literature at all levels, gives creative writing and poetry workshops, and works as consultant at the Tel Aviv municipal library. She has also participated in numerous poetry festivals and has been a guest poet at Harvard University. Bejerano has published more than ten collections of poetry; she is also represented in many anthologies of Hebrew poetry. Bejerano has been awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize twice (1986; 1994), the Bernstein Prize (1988), the Bialik Prize (2002) and the Yehuda Amichai Prize (2016).

Photo by: Aviva Even Zohar

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