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Moshe Shamir

משה שמיר

Moshe Shamir (1921-2004) was born in Safed, Israel, and spent most of his life in Tel Aviv. He was a novelist, journalist, playwright, children`s author, literary critic and political figure. In 1948, he founded the soldiers` weekly, Bamahaneh, and was its first editor. He was also a Member of Knesset-the Israeli Parliament–from 1977 to 1981. Shamir published over 50 books, including novels, books of short stories, plays, books of non-fiction, literary and political essays, biographies, poetry, and more. He was best known for his novels, historical as well as contemporary. Shamir was awarded the Bialik Prize (1955), the Israel Prize (1988) and the ACUM Prize for Lifetime Achievement (2002).

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