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Uri Levron

אורי לברון

Uri Levron is an advertising executive, author and screenwriter. He was born in Tel Aviv in 1963. He graduated from Tel Aviv University with a BA in political science and he earned his master’s degree in advertising at New York Institute of Technology. Writing has always been an essential part of his life and work. He started his career in advertising as a copywriter and he eventually became a partner and creative director at one of Israel’s largest agencies. Today, he divides his time between writing and serving as a strategic consultant for some of Israel’s biggest advertisers, including Google Israel, as well as for political campaigns in Israel and abroad. He is married and the father of three children, and lives in Ramat Hasharon.

Two novels by Levron have been published by Keter – Half Proof, which became a bestseller and was critically acclaimed, and The Wrong Child, which became a best seller immediately after it appeared – as well as three children’s books – The King who Forgot how to Smile, Clementine at the Sky’s End, Why Cats Aren’t Nice. In addition, Levron was the creator and scriptwriter for the Hebrew TV series “Hamidrasha”, an English-language version of which, entitled Mossad 101”, was sold to Netflix and the Turner Latin America network, and whose first two seasons have been screened all over the world.

Levron is currently working on the writing of the third season of “Hamidrasha” and on a new children’s book.

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