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Yehonatan Herbelin

יהונתן הרבלין

Yehonatan Herbelin was born in Israel in 1993. He is a student of literature and history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he currently resides. An educator by profession, he makes a living by teaching high-school history, and he intends to work in the world of education in the future, as well as to continue to write and develop his literary career.

During his military service Herbelin served in a recon. unit and saw combat during the 2014 Gaza War. From the time of his discharge, he showed symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder and it was his personal experience that motivated him to write his debut novel, I Was There. In addition, Herbelin lectures regularly on the subject and participates in various panels organized by the Israeli Defense Ministry and medical organizations in Israel and abroad.

Photo by: Ido Berlad

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