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Shulamit Lapid

Shulamit Lapid was born in Tel Aviv in 1934. She majored in Middle Eastern studies and English literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A former chairperson of the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel, Lapid is the author of novels, collections of short stories, literary thrillers, plays, a book of poetry and  books for children and youth. She has received the Prime Minister's Prize for Literature (1987), the International Theater Institute Award (1988), the German Krimipreis (1996), the Neuman Prize (1996), the Book Publishers Association's Gold and Platinum Prizes for Nunia (2006; 2007), the Book Publishers Association's Gold Prize for Maybe They Were Not (2011) and for Human Error (2013) and the Steimatzky Prize for Human Error (2013).

Shulamit Lapid

Books Published in Hebrew

Pisces (stories), Ekked, 1969 [Mazal Dagim]
The Calm of Fools (stories), Massada, 1974 [Shalvat Shotim]
Fever (stories), Yahdav, 1979 [Kadahat]
Gai Oni (novel) , Keter, 1982 [Gei Oni]
As a Broken Vessel (suspense) , Keter, 1984 [Ka-Cheres Ha-Nishbar]
Window Poems (poetry), Keter, 1988 [Shirei Halon]
Local Paper (suspense) , Keter, 1989 [Mekomon]
Happy Spiders (stories) , Keter, 1990 [Ma Mesameach Akavishim]
Surrogate Mother (play), Or-Am, 1990 [Rehem Pundeki]
Abandoned Property (play), Or-Am, 1991 [Rechush Natush]
Bait (suspense) , Keter, 1991 [Pitayon]
His Lifeʹs Work (play), Or-Am, 1992 [Mifal Hayav]
The Jewel (suspense) , Keter, 1992 [Ha-Tachshit]
Sand in Your Eyes (suspense) , Keter, 1997 [Hol Ba-Einayim]
Chez Babou (novel) , Keter, 1998 [Etzel Babou]
An Eye for An Eye (suspense) , Keter, 2000 [Pilegesh Ba-Giv’a]
The Bench (novella), Keter, 2000 [Ha-Safsal]
Bear in Mind (suspense) , Babel, 2002 [Chibuk Dov]
Nunia (novel) , Keter, 2006 [Havat Ha-Almot]
The End of the Lemon Season (suspense) , Keter, 2007 [Sof Onat Ha-Limonim]
Maybe They Were Not (novel) , Keter, 2011 [Ve-Ulai Lo Hayu]
Human Error (suspense) , Keter, 2012 [Taʹut Enosh]
Dreams of Others (stories), Keter, 2014 [Chalomot Shel Acherim]
Shpitz (children) , Massada, 1973 [Shpitz]
The Girl of Dreams (youth) , Keter, 1985 [Na`arat Ha-Halomot]
Egypt the Crocodile (children-picture bk) , Keter, 1987 [Ha-Tanin Mitzrayim]
The Visitor (children-picture bk) , Keter, 1988 [Oreach]
Dirty Oded, Keter, 1988 [Oded Ha-Meluchlach]
Zehava the Blanket, Keter, 1998 [Ha-Smicha Zehava]
Abandoned Property [Cameri, 1987]
Hired Womb [Cameri, 1990]
A Lifeʹs Enterprise [Cameri, 1992]
Sailings [Cameri, 1997]

Books in Translation

French: Paris, Pierre Belfond, 1984; Grand livre du mois, 1984; Paris, LFG, 1986
German: Reinbeck, Rowohlt, 1991; 1993; ebook: forthcoming 
English (Valley of Strength): New York & London, Toby Press, 2009
German: Reinbeck, Rowohlt, 1991; pback: 1993; Munich, btb, 1997; ebook: Reinbeck, Rowohlt, forthcoming
Estonian: Tallinn, Olion, 2003
German: Frankfurt, Alibaba/ Dvorah Verlag, 1995; pback: Munich, btb, 1996; Goldmann/ Bertelsmann, 2000; Munich, Dotbooks, 2016

French: Paris, Fayard, 1995
Italian: Milan, La Tartaruga/Nero, 1996; Milan, Astoria, 2014 
Turkish: Istanbul, Dogan, 1999
Polish: Montricher, Noir sur Blanc, 2000 
Chinese: Beijing, Qunzhong, 2008
French: Paris, Fayard, 1995; pback: Paris, Livre de Poche, 1999
German: Munich, Goldmann/ Bertelsmann, 1997; 1998; Munich, Dotbooks, 2016
Japanese: Tokyo, Magazine House, 1998
Chinese: Beijing, Qunzhong, forthcoming
Italilan: Milan, Astoria, 2014
French: Paris, Fayard, 1997
German: Munich, Bertelsmann, 1997; pback: 1999; Munich, Goldmann / Bertelsmann, 2000; Munich, Dotbooks, 2016

Serbian: Belgrade, Clio, 2004
Italian: Milan, Astoria, 2015
French: Paris, Fayard, 1999
German: Munich, Bertelsmann, 2000; pback: btb / Goldmann, 2001; Munich, Dotbooks, 2016 
German: Munich, btb / Goldmann, 1999
German: Munich, btb, 2002; Bookclub: Gutenberg, 2012; Munich, Dotbooks, 2016

Polish: Warsaw, Noir sur Blanc, 2003
German: Munich, Bertelsmann (Omnibus), 2000; Stuttgart, Ernst Klett, 2002
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