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Devorah Omer

Devorah Omer (1932-2013) was born at Kibbutz Maoz Haim. She completed her studies in 1952 and became a teacher. In addition to more than 100 books for children and youth that she wrote and adapted, she published plays, radio scripts, a novel for adults and personal columns in several children's magazines. Omer was one of the most prolific and popular children's writers in Israel. She received many awards including the Yatziv Prize (1959), the Lamdan Prize twice (1967; 1981), the Ministry of Education Prize (1973), the Prime Minister's Prize (1979), an Andersen International Honor Citation, the Ze'ev Prize twice (1981,1991), the Janusz Korczak Medal, the Hadassah Prize (2002), the Ministry of Education Prize for Lifetime Achievemment (2005), the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement (2006) and the ACUM Prize for Lifetime Achievement (2012). Her bestselling books won the Book Publishers Association's Gold and Platinum Prizes.  

Devorah Omer

Books Published in Hebrew

Tamar`s Diary, Amichai, 1959 [Dapei Tamar]
Rebirth: The Story of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and the Modern Hebrew Language (youth) , Am Oved, 1958 [Ha-Bechor Le-Beit Avi]
Sarah Aharonson, Heroine (youth) , Sreberk, 1967; Danny Sfarim, 2017 [Sarah Giborat Nili]
Yours With Love, Massada, 1968 [Shelchah Be-Ahavah]
The Journey to Rain Land, Massada, 1968 [Ha-Masa Le-Eretz Ha-Geshem]
Where Is Captain Cook Now?, Sreberk, 1969; Danny Sfarim, 2013 [Leʹan Neʹelam Kepten Kook?]
Omriʹs Adventures in the Summer of ʹ67, Amichai, 1970 [Harpatkaot Omri Be-Kayitz 67]
Regular Days and Holydays - Autumn and Winter, Levin-Epstein, 1970 [Le-hol Ve Le-Hag]
Regular Days and Holydays - Spring and Summer, Levin-Epstein, 1970 [Le-Hol Ve Le-Hag]
Dive On, Sreberk, 1971 [Tzolelim Kadima]
The Other Side of the Road or the Youth Band, Sreberk, 1972; Danny Sfarim, 2016 [Me-Ever La-Kvish O Chavurat "Alumim"]
Mommy, Teenager Plus, Sreberk, 1972 [Ima Esre Plus]
Iʹll Overcome, Sreberk, 1973 [Ani Etgaber]
The Border in the Heart (youth) , Sreberk, 1973 [Ha-Gvul She-Ba-Lev]
The Dog Nu-Nu-Nu, Amichai, 1973 [Ha-Kelev Nu-Nu-Nu]
The Dog Nu-Nu-Nu Goes to War, Amichai, 1973 [Ha-Kelev Nu-Nu-Nu Yotze La-Milhamah]
Omriʹs Adventures in the Far North, Amichai, 1973 [Harpatkaot Omri Ba-Tzafon Ha-Rahok]
Up and High, Sreberk, 1974 [Al Ha-Gova]
Omriʹs Adventures in Mexico, Amichai, 1975 [Harpatkaot Omri Be-Mexico]
Encounter on a Cloud, Sreberk, 1975 [Pegishah Al Anan]
Amnon and Tamar (series), N. Kimchi, 1975
I Built a Tower From Blocks, Sreberk, 1976; Danny Sfarim, 2014 [Migdal Shel Kubiot Baniti]
Clouds in the Sky, N. Kimchi, 1976 [Ananim Ba-Shamayim]
From North to South, N. Kimchi, 1976 [Mi-Tzafon Ad Darom]
Have a Good Time, N. Kimchi, 1976 [Bilui Na`im]
The Escape to Freedom, Karni, 1976 [Ha-Briha El Ha-Hofesh]
Animals Tell Me, N. Kimchi, 1977 [Hayot Mesaprot Li]
Everything that Happened (Maybe and Almost), Sreberk, 1977 [Col Ma She-Haya (Ulai) Ve-Col Ma She-Kara (Kimat)]
The Lost Kiss, Sreberk, 1978 [Ha-Neshikah She Halcha Le-Ibud]
Once Upon a Time [8 vols.] (children), E. Lewin-Epstein - Modan, 1978; Modan, 1998 [Pa'am Achat]
Monkey Business, Sreberk, 1979 [Kof Aharei Benadam]
A Womanʹs Star, Rav-Mecher, 1979 [Mazal Isha]
A Voice Called in the Dark, Zmora-Bitan-Modan, 1980 [Kol Karah Ba-Hashechah]
To Love Until Death, Sreberk, 1980 [Leʹehov Ad Mavet]
Direct Hit, Sreberk, 1981 [Pgiah Yeshirah]
I Donʹt Feel Like It, Sreberk, 1982 [Lo Mithashek Li]
In the Garden of Eden, Modan, 1982 [Be-Gan Ha-Eden]
The Creation, Modan, 1982 [Briat Ha-Olam]
Adam and Eve, Modan 1982 [Adam Ve-Havah]
Abraham in Ur of the Chaldees, Modan, 1982 [Abraham Be-Ur-Kasdim]
Isaac and Rebekah, Modan, 1982 [Itzhak Ve-Rivkah]
Jacob and Esau, Modan, 1982 [Yaakov Ve-Esav]
The Demon in the Jar, Sreberk, 1983 [Ha-Shed Ba-Kad]
The Treasure in the Cave, Sreberk, 1983 [Ha-Otzar Ba-Mearah]
The Secret of the Well, Sreberk, 1983 [Ha-Sod Ba-Be`er]
Tears of Fire (youth) , Sreberk, 1983 [Dmaʹot Shel Esh]
Bellsʹ Stories for the Holidays, D. Peled, 1983 [Sipurei Paʹamonim La-Hagim]
More and More Legends, Modan, 1985 [Od Ve-Od Agadot]
Suddenly in the Middle of Life, Sreberk, 1985 [Pitom Be-Emtza Ha-Hayim]
Where Do You Go When You Get Lost?, Sreberk, 1985 [Lean Magi`im Ke-She-Holchim Le-Ibud]
Following the Flames, Sreberk, 1986; Danny Sfarim, 2017 [Be-Ikvot Ha-Lehavot]
A Storm in Spring, Sreberk, 1987 [Seara Ba-Aviv]
The Teheran Operation: The Rescue of Jewish Children from the Nazis, Gal, 1988 [Tahana-Teheran]
Gallop, Gal, 1989 [Be-Deherah]
Adventure in Space, Keter, 1989 [Harpatkaʹa Ba-Halal]
The Longest Week in Moranʹs Life, Gal, 1990 [Ha-Shavua Ha-Aroch Be-Yoter Be-Hayei Moran]
Most in the World, Gal, 1991 [Hachi Ba-Olam]
Because Is Yes an Answer, Keter, 1992 [Kacha Ze Ken Tshuvah]
Dancing in Red Light, Keter, 1994 [Rikud Be-Or Adom]
Who is Fidi Honey, Sreberk, 1994 [Mi Zu Fidi Motek]
Dvora Omer's Big Book, Am Oved, 1995 [Ha-Sefer Ha-Gadol Shel Dvora Omer]
Up to the Sky, Amichai, 1996 [Ad Ha-Shamayim]
The Story of Theodor Herzl, Zmora-Bitan, 1998 [Dvora Omer Mesaperet Al Theodor Herzl]
The Story of David Ben-Gurion, Zmora-Bitan, 1998; 2017 [Dvora Omer Mesaperet Al Ben-Gurion]
The Story of Menachem Begin, Zmora-Bitan, 1998 [Dvora Omer Mesaperet Al Menachem Begin]
The Bugged Cockroach, Keter, 1998 [Ha-Makak She-Nichnas Lo Juke]
The Love of Itamar, (novel), Am Oved, 2001 [Ahavat Itamar]
Silent Boy, the Story of Itzhak Rabin (novel), Kinneret/Zmora-Bitan/Dvir, 2005 [Nishbati Emunim]
A Story that Happened to Me on the Road [with Vered Raviv-Schwartz] (children), Danny Sfarim, 2010 [Sipur She-Kara Li Ba-Derech]
Benzion and the First Sevivon (children-picture bk), Danny Sfarim, 2011 [Ben-Zion Ve-Ha-Sevivon Ha-Rishon]
The Patience of Hillel the Elder (children-picture bk), Modan, 2012 [Savlanuto Shel Hillel Ha-Zaken]
The Missing Spice (children-picture bk) , 1978; Modan, 2012 [Ha-Tavlin He-Chaser: Al Pi Agadat Chazal]
Two Brothers and the Temple Site (children-picture bk), Modan, 2013 [Mekomo Shel Beit Ha-Mikdash]

Books in Translation

English: Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1972
Japanese: Tokyo, Fukutake Bunko, 1991
Russian: Jerusalem, Alyia, 1990

Japanese: Tokyo, Ninon Tosho, 2005
Dutch: Kampen, Callenbach, 1999

The Teheran Operation: The Rescue of Jewish Children from the Nazis
Dutch: Kampen, Callenbach, 1998
English: Washington, B`nai B`rith, 1991

Journey to the Land of the Rain
English: Ramat Gan, Massada, 1969
Finnish: Helsinki, Kirjanelio, 1972

Path Beneath the Sea
English: New York, Funk & Wagnalls, 1969

To Love Until Death
Russian: Jerusalem, Alyia, 1990

The Gideonites
English: New York, Funk & Wagnalls, 1968
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