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Operation Berlin (Secret Mission Series, 2)

About the “Secret Mission” series in short:

Three Kids, two boys and a girl, are sent by the Israeli Mossad to perform secret operations across the globe. Secret Mission introduces young  readers to the intriguing world of espionage and intelligence services – a world full of inventions and innovations, creative solutions to seemingly impossible situations, courage and free thinking.

Operation Berlin:

The school year has begun and Guy, Noam and Roy are now in 9th grade. They’re trying to settle back into school routine after their summer adventure in Manhattan, when they hacked into an international terrorist’s computer and averted a large-scale attack, together with Hanan Shomroni, the Mossad agent who recruited them for the mission. They’re sure that their spying days are over: the Mossad doesn’t enlist children, and what are the chances that Hanan will need their help again?

But then a dark secret emerges from Noam’s family past; at the same time there are news reports about horrible acts being committed by a neo-Nazi organization in Germany. The three children host a girl from Germany, who has a clue that could lead them straight to the head of the organization, so they decide to go to Berlin on a secret operation to find him. Hanan Shomroni and other Mossad agents, as well as the German secret service, are also trying to capture the neo-Nazi leader. But he has vanished, and no one has any idea how to find him. No one, that is, except the three kids.

Operation Berlin, the second book in the Secret Mission series, takes the three young spies to new heights of suspense, daring and danger. In a world full of cruelty, they discover the power of new friendships and get to know themselves better.

Title Operation Berlin (Secret Mission Series, 2)
Writer's Last Name Elazar-Halevi
Writer's First Name Dana
Genre Children
Ages 9-14
Publisher (Hebrew) Yedioth Ahronoth
No. Pages 252pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Mivtza Berlin: Shlichut Chasha'it 2
  • “I can say out loud that this is the best series of spy books for young readers written in recent years, and it is here to stay. ”

    Meira Barnea Goldberg, Mako
  • “The second book does not disappoint. In it too there are the right degrees of drama, adventure and suspense, and Elazar–Halevi has done well to give it a more complex plot, in both the dramatic and the emotional senses, thereby giving the series a true validity. ”

    Yotam Shwimmer, Ynet
  • “An engrossing book that doesn’t lose its rhythm for a single moment, and never deteriorates into banality.”