We congratulate Hila Blum for winning the 2021 Sapir Prize of Literature for her novel, How to Love Your Daughter. The novel tells the story of a woman who travels to the Netherlands to reconnect with the daughter from whom she became estranged years ago.

A Jerusalem native, Blum worked at Kinneret Zmora-Bitan, one of Israel’s leading publishing houses, for many years. Her previous books include The Visit.

Her book will be translated into Arabic and another language of her choosing. In addition, 500 copies of the shortlisted authors' books will be donated to public libraries throughout the country.




Yaniv Iczkovits’ novel “The Slaughterman’s Daughter” was awarded the 2021 Wingate Literary Prize, British Jewry’s top book award.
The novel takes place in a Polish Shtetl, in which Fanny, a young Jewish woman and the eponymous "slauterman's daughter," goes on a journey to help her sister, discovering her talent for killing on the way.
Sami Berdugo is the winner of the 2020 Sapir Prize for Literature
Israeli author Sami Berdugo has just been announced as the winner of the prize, for his novel "Donkey" which came out last year. This is has been his third time to be shortlisted for the prize, one of the most important awards in Israeli literature.
First Israeli novel translated and published in Morocco
It was only last month that we learned about the peace deal between Israel and Morocco, and it's already bearing fruit - Israeli author Gabriel BenSimhon's novel A Girl in a Blue Shirt has been translated into Arabic by Dr. Ayashi Eladraoui, and will soon be the first Israeli novel to be directly published in the country (rather than arrive there from other Arabic-speaking countries). May this exciting rapprochement continue!
Yishai Sarid receives the 2021 Sophie Brody Medal by the American Library Association
Congratulations again to Yishai Sarid, who has recently been awarded the 2021 Sophie Brody Medal by the American Library Association for his novel The Memory Monster, translated by Yardenne Greenspan, published by Restless Books. A. B. Yehoshua's novel The Tunnel (translated by Stuart Schoffman, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) received honorable mention as well by the prize's judges.
נוהל הועדה המקצועית של המכון לתרגום ספרות עברית

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