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The best of our sons

Menachem Laufer, a representative of Israel’s largest religious-nationalist party, spent his days on the margins of leadership, in painful obscurity. He seemed reconciled to the dull status of a minor politician. But when his son Yoav, an influential right-wing newspaper editor, suddenly launches a political career, accelerated events reignite his smoldering ambition. Soon the entire family is thrown into turmoil. While grappling with the rising ambitions of his son Aviv, Yoav loses touch with the world of his son Eitan, whose shady business dealings threaten the family’s good name. The fraying tapestry of relationships exposes a world where faith becomes an empty ritual, and intellectual and moral vacuum is translated into destructive political power. With a rare narrative talent, moving between intimate moments and comic-satirical peaks, Horowitz unfolds a multi-generational saga, enabling a close look at the most influential
stratum in Israeli society today.

Title The best of our sons
Writer's Last Name Horowitz
Writer's First Name Ariel
No. Pages 238pp.
Book title - Hebrew טובי בנינו
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Tove'i baneino
  • ““An amusing and intelligent reading experience.””

    Omri Herzog, Haaretz
  • ““The Best of Our Sons offers a curious and relevant glimpse into the politics of the religious-national community, as well as the turbulent social processes taking place in within it.””