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A Fairy Tale

The Queen of the Fairies lives in a black flower. According to custom, she has to marry a black prince. But there isn`t another black flower in the world, so the Queen is still alone. Her friends, the butterflies, fly far and wide, trying to find her a groom. And they are about to give up when suddenly they see a tiny prince in the earth! They carry him back on their wings and the Queen and the prince fall in love. But when the rain comes down, it washes all the black off the prince! However, the power of love wins out – and the old custom is changed.

Title A Fairy Tale
Writer's Last Name Frankel
Writer's First Name Alona
Genre Children
Ages 3-5
Illustrations Alona Frankel
Publisher (Hebrew) Zmora-Bitan
No. Pages 24pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Agada