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A Long Journey to Father

This unique adventure story begins in late 18th century England and climaxes in the rugged Australian continent. It is the tale of a pampered young English boy of the upper classes who sets out on an odyssey to find his long-lost father among the hordes of English former convicts living in the untamed wilds of the Australian outback. In the process, he also finds himself. From a spoilt, over-protected child, he grows into an independent and hardworking lad who learns to judge individuals by their achievements rather than their social class.

Peter’s mother died when he was a baby and he was raised in an English manor by his great-aunt, Miss Emily. But when Miss Emily dies, the new heir makes it clear that Peter is no longer welcome. The boy learns that his father is still alive somewhere in the Australian outback. And so he sails for Australia. There, he learns that his ex-convict father lives on a distant ranch. He stays with a family in the city and then with Tom Jenkins on his small sheep farm. At first he finds Tom’s rough manners repulsive, but gradually learns to respect the tough but kind sheep farmer and eventually comes to love him. Peter’s long journey comes to an end when he discovers his father’s identity and realizes that he has finally come home.

Title A Long Journey to Father
Writer's Last Name Uziel
Writer's First Name Orit
Genre Children
Ages 10-14
Illustrations Avi Katz
Publisher (Hebrew) Sifriat Poalim
No. Pages 78pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Massa Aroch El Aba