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A Man Without Shadow

The life of Yonatan, who lives in Berlin in an official capacity, changes dramatically when a young man named Sebastian asks him for help. The police come knocking on his door, his phone is tapped, and he is covertly photographed. While the net tightens around Yonatan, Sebastian`s story gradually unfolds through recordings, telephone calls and fragments of diaries. And they reveal scenes from a world Yonatan has never known: melancholy, sensual East Germany, a harsh life at boarding school, a close friendship cut off in its prime and Sebastian`s recruitment into a menacing, octopus`like espionage service. Sebastian`s story also takes Yonatan back to scenes of his own childhood-a rundown neighborhood filled with the aroma of rice, mint and longing, Grandma Nana spitting out old love songs, and Tomer Buzaglo, the boyhood friend who betrayed him.

A subtle tension hovers between the two characters: True or false? Friend or foe? The borderline between fact and fiction is more deceptive than ever. A Man Without Shadow is a mature novel based on a true story. It is also a poetic book about pretense and seduction, betrayal and its punishment. Filled with humor and a language that is itself seductive, it speaks through two very different protagonists: Sebastian, full of sorrowful German romanticism, and lonely Yonatan who longs for the home he never had.

Albanian, Serbian
Title A Man Without Shadow
Writer's Last Name Avni-Levy
Writer's First Name Yossi
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Zmora-Bitan
No. Pages 478pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ish Le-Lo Tzel