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A New Place

Circumstances force Yoav, an adolescent from Tel Aviv, to move to a small development town in the Negev. His father has been offered a key position in education, but Yoav does not want to leave the big city. He rebels, but his rebellion is doomed to fail. He has a variety of new and interesting experiences in his new home. He meets a Bedouin family who came to his father’s assistance when his car broke down in the desert. But Yoav’s angry rebellion effectively cuts him off from everyone. Out of loneliness he runs away to the Bedouin, but finally he learns to accept reality.

A New Place was awarded Haifa University’s Adrian Tomas Prize for children`s literature; it has also been serialized on radio and TV.

Title A New Place
Writer's Last Name Orgad
Writer's First Name Dorit
Genre Children
Ages 11-14
Publisher (Hebrew) Dvir
No. Pages 124pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) El Makom Chadash
  • “ This realistic book is full of goodness, adventure, and an array of landscapes in exotic settings.”