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A Perfect Lover [with Ruth Almog]

Rosa is an elegant 62-year-old librarian in Jerusalem. A Holocaust survivor, she is overcome by terror when she sees an old man who looks like Maitek, the man who brought tragedy on her family in the Lodz Ghetto. She calls her cousin Barnie, a Canadian millionaire, who promises help. Then Rosa’s colleague, Jenny, is murdered and the suspense grows. Each of the many suspects has a motive. The police are stymied, but Rosa unravels the mystery. With her acute sensitivity to smell and a passion for perfumes, it is a bottle of perfume which leads her to the murderer, the “perfect lover.”

Title A Perfect Lover [with Ruth Almog]
Writer's Last Name Ettinger
Writer's First Name Esther
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
No. Pages 250pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Meʹahev Mushlam
  • “This novel is entertaining, realistic, believable....The authors deceive us delightfully, with intelligence and without cheating... They give us the opportunity to solve the mystery, if only we attend to the small details and to the lively personalities in the story.”