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A Woman Beyond the Sea

Three unforgettable women are at the heart of this thrilling novel. A young woman whose husband dumps her in a Paris café; a mother who vanishes for long hours every day, and her daughter doesn’t know where she is; and a mysterious woman who has abandoned her newborn baby on the doorstep of a convent on a snowy night in Jerusalem. They are the keys to a volcanic tale that takes us to the alleyways of the Latin Quarter in Paris, to Tel Aviv of the 1970s, and links pre-1948 Jerusalem under the British Mandate with a picturesque village in England. In these places, the three women seek their identities and their mysterious past. And as each one faces upheavals in her life, the narrative masterfully ties the three together, striking chords of love and hate, of heartbreak, blood and tears.
English, German
Title A Woman Beyond the Sea
Writer's Last Name Yishai-Levi
Writer's First Name Sarit
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Modan
No. Pages 468pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Isha Me-Ever La-Yam