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Apartment with Garden Entrance & Other Stories

The nine stories in this collection differ in their setting, characters and period, but share the restraint characteristic of Kenaz`s writing, his unique insight into his characters and the precise humor that helps give them relief.

“Wild Flesh, Foreign Flesh,” set in a small agricultural settlement during the early years of the state, focuses on a Holocaust survivor who is convinced that Nazi flesh is growing inside her body. In “Memory of a Dead Moment,” the children meet the village idiot hiding in an orange grove, who turns out to be quite benign. In “Room Number 10,” a devoted son accompanies his elderly father to the doctor and shares the humiliation of old age, while “The Shezaf Case” focuses on a soldier who is held responsible for an act he did not commit and is haunted by the incident for years.

A long-awaited work by this major Hebrew writer.

French, German, Italian
Title Apartment with Garden Entrance & Other Stories
Writer's Last Name Kenaz
Writer's First Name Yehoshua
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Am Oved
No. Pages 212pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Dira Im Knisa Ba-Chatzer Ve-Sipurim Acherim
  • “ The power of this book lies in the humble refusal at its heart: the darkness will not be illuminated artificially, the strange will not become familiar.”

  • “ What grips you immediately in Kenaz’s work is the atmosphere that he creates… His stories are unsettling; they have something chilling and hypnotic about them; they function like a magnifying glass, enlarging at will the ever-open wounds of a country still in search of itself. ”

    Le Monde des livres
  • “ Writing of rare beauty… This is real literature. ”