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At Hillel and Lilleet of Galilee City

Hillel and his wife Lilleet live in a large house in a town in the Galilee. They have a small daughter and an older son, twenty cats and a little dog, and even a twisty snake and a whale that swims around in a bowl. Their son’s name is Z’voov, which means ‘fly,’ and the daughter’s name is Goolgalata. Their grandma also lives in the house, and she has no name because she’s so old, and no, she isn’t dead, just fast asleep.

A wonderful tale in verse, full of ingenious humor, about a very special family obsessed with words. An ode to the imagination, and to the creative power of language.

Title At Hillel and Lilleet of Galilee City
Writer's Last Name Vizan
Writer's First Name Yehuda
Genre Children
Illustrations Noa Vikhanski
Publisher (Hebrew) Keren
No. Pages 34pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Etzel Hillel Ve-Lillith Me-Ha-Ir Ha-Glilit