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Australian Wedding

Nava Semel travels to Australia to meet her 28-year-old son Iyar, who has been living there, studying music for the last four years. Following his army service, Iyar wanted to experience an entirely different lifestyle, in a peaceful atmosphere close to nature-the opposite of Israel. There, he fell in love with Lucy, an Australian girl, and began seriously considering Australia as his future home.

Nava responds to his invitation and comes for a visit. She stays with the young couple on the banks of the Lismore River, and spends a month traveling with them, going to Iyar`s music school, getting to know his Australian friends and discovering an exciting local culture as well as a rich heritage, unknown to most Israelis.

The journal Nava kept during her travels later became a book about a mother`s journey with her son, rediscovering each other and learning to bridge the differences between them. Together, they confront the question of where home really is, of parent-children relations in a changing world. They even dare ask the painful question: Are Israelis the new “wandering Jews,” impelled to seek their future outside their tiny country?

Title Australian Wedding
Writer's Last Name Semel
Writer's First Name Nava
Genre Non Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Am Oved
No. Pages 158pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Chatuna Ostralit
  • “Chatuna Ostralit”

    Author Abraham B.Yehoshua
  • “ This intimate and revealing travel journal offers an enjoyable glimpse into Israeli society… May there be many more like it! ”

  • “ A fascinating and mind-broadening book… that offers important insight into [what it means to be] a mother to fully grown children. ”