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Dana, Mom and the Napoleon Hill

Dana and her Mom do almost everything together. Almost everything, because sometimes they have to be apart-in the morning, Mom goes to work and Dana goes to school. At the school gate, they kiss goodbye and although Dana is very busy at school she misses her Mom. Especially at naptime after lunch. And when she misses her, she thinks: What`s Mommy doing now? When will she come to pick me up? And does she know I miss her? Dana thinks and thinks until Mom comes to pick her up. Then they head off home together, but on the way they always stop by the hill near the house-Napoleon Hill. There, Dana thinks about Hamster and Hamstress, her long lost hamsters, who must know that she misses them very much, and she goes looking for them all over the hill. She knows they`re there, and although she misses them, she`s glad they live out in nature, happy and free.

Title Dana, Mom and the Napoleon Hill
Writer's Last Name Rotem
Writer's First Name Judith
Genre Children
Ages 3-7
Illustrations Racheli Plaut
Publisher (Hebrew) Yedioth Ahronoth
No. Pages 30pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Dana Ve-Ima Ve-Har Napoleon