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Dancing on the Water

At the age of thirty-seven, in a moment of truth, Leni Avni breaks away from her past and takes a job at an old-age home. The place, a final station for the residents, represents a new start for Leni. Leni tends the patients with care and warmth. She learns to distance herself from the endless series of deaths and to find meaning in her life. Here, too, Leni unexpectedly meets Kushnir, a dance partner from her youth who succeeds in awakening her dormant sensuality. After a grotesque costume-party during the Purim holiday Leni returns to her home and family, but not to her former life.

Title Dancing on the Water
Writer's Last Name Perry
Writer's First Name Lily
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Hakibbutz Hameuchad
No. Pages 174pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Rikud Al Mayim
  • “ The beauty of this work hinges on the perfect unity between the novel's narrator, its themes and structure.”

    Critic Anat Shpitzan
  • “ Lily Perry has a wonderful ability to weave sentences that move according to their own internal rhythm and only later, as an afterthought, become linked to the plot and story....An extraordinary reading experience.'”