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Death of a Donkey

Kaniuk wrote the stories collected in this book over a period of 12 years: from 1961-1973. Some are set in the United States, where Kaniuk worked for 10 years as a painter, a barman, a waiter in restaurants; others are set in Israel, after his return in 1958. Written in Kaniuk’s inimitable style, they reflect a very unique viewpoint – sometimes emotional with subtle humor, at others with longing and compassion. What all these stories have in common is the loneliness of people living in a big city, the need for human company, and nostalgia for his youth.

Title Death of a Donkey
Writer's Last Name Kaniuk
Writer's First Name Yoram
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Massada
No. Pages pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Mot Ha-Ayir