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Double Vision [Deception Image]

Gavri, a married man with two adult children, has a real shock while waiting at the eye clinic. He is not rattled by the results of his checkup but by an encounter with a man who looks very like him, just a little younger. This prompts Gavri to start searching for the identity of his mysterious double, Raphael, and encourages him to explore his own identity. He follows Raphael in his car, finds out where he lives and then discusses the matter with his mother, who gives him his late father`s journals, written in German. There, Gavri discovers that Raphael`s parents and his own were good friends and that Bruria, Raphael`s mother, worked with his father for many years.

Was there some sort of love affair between the two of them, Gavri wonders, and is his younger double the result of that affair? As he comes closer to solving the mystery, his questions about his own family threaten to alter his worldview. But the truth, revealed bit by bit, is fickle. It misleads the protagonist and the readers time and again, and just when everything seems to fall into place another surprising fact surfaces.

Title Double Vision [Deception Image]
Writer's Last Name Kantor
Writer's First Name Avram
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Hakibbutz Hameuchad
No. Pages 171pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Taʹatuei Dimyon
  • “ An inspired writer... You`ll do well to read this.”