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Everyone Was Once a Child

It`s hard for Nimrod to wait until Grandpa is free to play with him, and Grandpa knows it. How does he know? Well, he was once a child too. Grandpa knows everything: he knows when something hurts, when Nimrod is scared of the dark, why he cries and when it`s time to go to sleep. Nimrod`s grandfather will be familiar to all children who have a special relationship with their grandparents. This book recognizes that grandparents have time and energy for toddlers, while parents are often busy or tired out. With great subtlety, Tamar Bergman draws out emotions that small children often find hard to handle.

Title Everyone Was Once a Child
Writer's Last Name Bergman
Writer's First Name Tamar
Genre Children
Ages 4-6
Illustrations Shlomit Zohar
No. Pages 31pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Kol Echad Haya Paʹam Yeled