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Giraffes in Jerusalem

One cold snowy day at Dr Shulov’s zoo in Jerusalem, the giraffes got sick with pneumonia. The male recovered but the female died. Dr Shulov realized that the male giraffe was sad and needed a companion, and although there was no money, he was determined to find him one. Dr Donald Honey, a British hunter, decides to help and sends a giraffe from Africa. At first the pair are happy, but when spring comes, the female giraffe longs for freedom and tells her mate, who was born in captivity, of her longing for a free life. Dr Shulov understands and eventually sends them both back to Africa.

This delightful story is written with insight, and describes both the animal kingdom and the human world with a lot of humor, blending the world of the zoo with a humane feeling for animals in captivity.

Title Giraffes in Jerusalem
Writer's Last Name Thomas Huppert
Writer's First Name Shmuel
Genre Children
Ages 5-8
Illustrations Eitan Kedmi
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
No. Pages 20pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ha-Girafa Afa