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Tough-talking Yonatan fumes when he sees his father refuse to help his oldest friend Herman. Yonatan doesn’t know what bankruptcy is, but he knows that it has happened to Herman and he is sure it is his father Asher’s fault. Carefully hiding his soft heart, Yonatan undertakes two projects of rehabilitation: Guy, a boy in his class, always fails tests and doesn’t know how to play basketball. Barking like a trainer, Yonatan instructs Guy in the art of success. He threatens Guy with a horrible fate should the secret get out that tough Yonatan has taken someone under his wing for no clear reason other than altruism. Herman, however, is a less accessible project. Yonatan doesn’t even know where Herman is.

Yonatan seeks out Herman, discovering that his father’s best friend has since had a heart attack, lost his house and been divorced by his wife. When Yonatan finally gets to visit Herman, he learns that his father is a better man than he thought, having saved his friend from even worse ruin.

Title Herman
Writer's Last Name Taub
Writer's First Name Udi
Genre Children
Ages 8-10
Publisher (Hebrew) Massada
No. Pages 48pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Herman