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Letters to a Special Child

This is a moving correspondence between two children – a healthy, normal girl and a disabled boy with cerebral palsy.

It all begins when the teacher gives her students a unique assignment: to correspond with children who are different. Noa writes the first letter to “a child I do not know” and tells him about herself. The second letter is written by Dudi who tells Noa about his special world, his disability, the treatment he gets, and about his brother who is a normal child. The book ends with an epilogue describing the successful meeting of the two children. Noa tells her mother how important her relationship with Dudi is: she feels that he gives her more than she gives him. “He makes me feel I am worth more,” Noa concludes.

Title Letters to a Special Child
Writer's Last Name Ron-Feder-Amit
Writer's First Name Galila
Genre Children
Ages 11-14
Publisher (Hebrew) Dagan
No. Pages 91pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Michtavim Le-Yeled Aher