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Living on the Edge

This novel portrays the Arab-Israeli conflict from a teenager`s point of view during the Oslo peace process. Yair and Dotan are best friends and are training together for a youth marathon. One day Yair is stabbed to death by an Arab. Dotan responds by turning from a contented teenager into a delinquent. He begins going to demonstrations of the far right, where the most extreme anti-Arab and anti-Rabin slogans are heard; he also participates in a raid on a neighboring Arab village. Although Dotan does little more than assist an old Arab woman who falls to the ground, the police arrest the entire gang. Dotan is released, but only his grandmother believes him, and she helps him progress from revenge to a desire for peace and security.

French, German
Title Living on the Edge
Writer's Last Name Ron-Feder-Amit
Writer's First Name Galila
Genre Children
Ages 8-14
Publisher (Hebrew) Adam
No. Pages 151pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Yaldei Kav Ha-Tefer