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Midnight Convoy and Other Stories [different selections]

This selection of short fiction represents Yizhar’s finest work, and is considered by many to be the most faithful literary expression of a generation caught in the crossfire between its historic aspirations and the contingencies of life. As in many of Yizhar’s works, the narrative builds on the impact of events on the inner state of the characters, torn between personal beliefs and the imperatives of the collective. With his inspired prose, Yizhar offers a vision of a tormented period in order to reconnect to his earlier ideals.

These stories and novellas, taken from various collections, include “Ephraim Goes Back to Alfalfa” (1938); “Midnight Convoy;” “Habakuk;” “The Runaway” and “Harlamov.”

English, French, German, Italian
Title Midnight Convoy and Other Stories [different selections]
Writer's Last Name Yizhar
Writer's First Name S.
Genre Fiction
No. Pages pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Shayara Shel Chatzot Ve-Sipurim Acherim
  • “ Yizhar is undoubtedly the greatest Israeli writer of his generation...It is his own moral rectitude and conscience that prompt Yizhar to spotlight individual responsibility in the polity of common fate. ”

    Le Monde diplomatique
  • “ An extraordinary writer, outstanding style....critical and delves into the depths of history.”

    Salzburger Nachrichten
  • “There is some of Yizhar in every writer who has come after him. ”