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Murder in the Upper Ranks of the Police

It all begins when the dead body of Abigail Shaykevich, Head of the Department for Internal Affairs, is found in the lavatory of the National Police Headquarters. A list of suspects is immediately compiled, naming all those currently being investigated by the victim for corruption as well as everyone present in the building at the time of the murder. Deputy Chief (Ret.) Amos Granite, a non-conformist whose wife has passed away and who had to leave the police force because of what he has uncovered about electoral forgeries, is assigned the investigation. Everyone involved volunteers bits of information, which prove to be as vital as they are misleading. It is up to Granite to weed out the lies and intrigues and uncover the identity of the murderer. He works almost totally alone, questioning the suspects and himself while continuing to raise his adolescent daughter on his own. The investigation proves that the victim was pregnant, and that the father of the fetus was not the victim’s husband. This finding turns the husband into the main suspect, and Granite has no choice but to follow through and locate incriminating evidence. He successfully completes his mission and the upper echelons of the police breath sighs of relief that the murderer is not one of them. Amos, praised by all, prefers to return to anonymity and the quiet life with his daughter.

Title Murder in the Upper Ranks of the Police
Writer's Last Name Ron-Feder-Amit
Writer's First Name Galila
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Yedioth Ahronoth
No. Pages 285pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Retsah Be-Tsameret Ha-Mishtara