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My Name is Barak

Barak chats. He tells us about his upside-down house where his mother, an engineer, goes out to work and his father stays at home and takes care of him and his annoying older brother. In his authentic five-year-old voice, he talks about his friends, his school, the time when he broke a telescope that he shouldn’t have been playing with, his street and his neighbors. The everyday routine details become comic and dramatic when retold with Barak’s freshness, humor and observations. The simplest elements provide the action in this popular book. Barak’s pleasure is infectious. Never out of print since its first publication, My Name Is Barak received the 1980 Lamdan Prize.

Title My Name is Barak
Writer's Last Name Ben-Canaan
Writer's First Name Uzi
Genre Children
Ages 6-8
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
No. Pages 106pp.