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Partial English translation available (for publishers only)

Nama’s Adventures

Nama the Ant is 11 years old and all her friends in the ant colony come to celebrate her birthday. For them, this party is just like any other, but to Nama it means that she is finally old enough to solve the mystery of her parents` disappearance. In the famine after the Great Flood, Nama`s father volunteered to join a group that adventured out to search for food, and when he didn`t return her mother went to find him. But no one never returned. The rest of the colony were sure they had drowned or been captured by the Yellow Ants, but Nama never lost faith.

With courage, resourcefulness and a kind heart too, Nama manages to infiltrate the Yellow Kingdom and find her exhausted parents. She learns that peace is possible even between the fiercest enemies, that in times of need enemies sometimes turn out to be real friends. And that, however small, she can play an important part in changing the course of history.

Title Nama’s Adventures
Writer's Last Name Kaplan-Hagler
Writer's First Name Edna
Genre Children
Ages 7 up
Illustrations David Gerstein
Publisher (Hebrew) Kinneret
No. Pages 150pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Alilot Nama