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Never Waste a Sunset

Through a series of short flashbacks, Micki describes his gradual realization that his parents’ marriage is in turmoil. Though only thirteen, he is acutely sensitive to the changes in his family. An only child, Micki is exceptionally close to his mother, since his father is often away. Micki’s mother is much more a friend than an authority figure: “She used to say that she knew me from inside, because I used to be inside her. And it was true.” Lately, though, Micki hardly knows what to expect. Mother is forgetful and moody. Gradually Micki realizes that the tension in the house has something to do with his parents’ marriage. His mother is less concerned with Micki or his father, because she has fallen in love with someone else. In the course of several conflict-ridden months, Micki matures a great deal, gaining independence and understanding.

Title Never Waste a Sunset
Writer's Last Name Havushi
Writer's First Name Hava
Genre Children
Ages 13 up
Publisher (Hebrew) Massada
No. Pages 87pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Asur Levazbez Shkiot