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Noam’s Kite

Marcela London won the noted Ze’ev Prize for this whimsical fairy tale, in which Noam creates his own magic. One night Noam dreams of making a kite in the shape of a bird. The next day he and his father begin building one. They find a board of ply wood, cut it to make a frame and carve a head. Noam paints hundreds of blue feathers on the wings, so the kite looks like a real bird. He names it Celeste. Noam feels Celeste pulling on the string, and realizes his kite has truly become a live bird. She tries to pull free, but Noam won’t let go: “I want you. I can’t release you. You are my bird!” he cries. But Celeste promises, “Even when I fly away I will still be your bird.” “Don’t forget me!” Noam cries, and indeed Celeste remembers him. The next day Noam wakes up to find a single brilliant blue feather on his bed.

Title Noam’s Kite
Writer's Last Name London
Writer's First Name Marcela
Genre Children
Ages 5-8
Illustrations Hilla Havkin
Publisher (Hebrew) Hakibbutz Hameuchad
No. Pages 21pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Noam Ve-Ha-Afifon