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One, Two, Three, What Can a Mushroom Be?

Three cute elves go out for a walk. When it starts raining, they don`t know what to do, but they find some mushrooms and use them as umbrellas! Later, the inventive threesome turn their mushrooms into boats to get across a huge puddle, and then into parachutes to get down a cliff. They have a wonderful day! By the evening, they`ve become attached to their mushrooms and so they plant them in their back garden. They plan to use them as swings, and chairs too, and they invite the reader to dream up some other uses for a mushroom.

Title One, Two, Three, What Can a Mushroom Be?
Writer's Last Name Frankel
Writer's First Name Alona
Genre Children
Ages 3-5
Illustrations Alona Frankel
Publisher (Hebrew) Bitan
No. Pages 38pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Sefer Al Gamadim, Pitriyot U-Ma Od?