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This is the book for anyone who is looking for a witty, rhythmic, optimistic, readable novel, spiced with romance. Yael Ichilov has written a romantic comedy crammed with events, all of which take place during a single evening. In the background, the entire population of Israel is glued to the TV, breathlessly following a major football game. Its outcome will determine whether Israel will play in the final of the World Cup. On this particular evening, Nava’s sister is getting married. Nava herself is an attractive, 33-year-old widow, who works as a butcher in a supermarket. Her unconventional occupation, in additional to several other characteristics, make her an interesting personality. Several hours before the wedding, she sets out to find her mother’s mobile phone, intending to bring it to the wedding venue, and will never forget that journey. In her rush, she accidentally runs down a motorcyclist, who breaks his leg. She bundles the injured man into the car and they are attracted to one another. They also pick up two cute puppies, and Nava wants to adopt one for her little daughter. Their joint concern for the puppies creates a pleasantm relaxed atmosphere and intensifies the attraction between the two young people. Oded, the injured man, is a veterinary surgeon with two small sons. He too has been hurt in the past, and like Nava, he is wary of starting a new relationship, Nonetheless, optimism wins the day. Something good and hopeful develops between the two of them and they are given a second chance. They arrive just as Nava`s sister`s wedding celebration ends. For them it is a new beginning.

Title Overtime
Writer's Last Name Ichilov
Writer's First Name Yael
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Hakibbutz Hameuchad
No. Pages 224pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Zman Ptziot