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Peanut the Mouse and the Cruel Glue

One quiet evening, an ordinary family sits at home, unaware of the scary, sad and in the end surprisingly happy adventure that awaits them. Eylam is the first to spot two little eyes peeking out from under the TV. The next day, Mom discovers a tiny hole in the bread, so Dad is sent out to buy a trap with powerful glue. And then, in the night, they are awoken by squeaks to find a cute little mouse glued to the plate under the trap. Now they realize that their solution to the mouse problem was cruel. And they have a new one- how to save it!

So the next morning, they take the little mouse, now called Peanut, to the vet. Surprised, the vet advises them to feed Peanut until he is stronger and then gently cut the hairs stuck to the plate and set him free. But, he adds, Peanut must move his legs or else he’ll die of atrophy. Then little Lia comes up with a brilliant solution: they can cut the plate around Peanuts` feet in the shape of skis and build slides for him in the living room! And so, Peanut becomes a super-sliding mouse!

As for the happy ending, well, read on!

Title Peanut the Mouse and the Cruel Glue
Writer's Last Name Elbashan
Writer's First Name Yuval
Ages 6-10
Publisher (Hebrew) Hakibbutz Hameuchad
No. Pages 32pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Boten Ha-Achbar Ve-Ha-Devek Ha-Achzar