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Professor Fabrikant’s Historical Cabaret

Czernowitz, Romania, 1937. Professor Fabrikant, an elderly Jewish impresario and scion of a family of rich industrialists, passes away. He bequeaths his fortune in diamonds and his theater troupe, comprising seven aging actresses—“The Historical Cabaret of Professor Fabrikant”—to the black sheep of the family, his 26-yearold nephew Herman. Herman takes the management of the cabaret into his own hands and sets off with the allfemale troupe. Her plan frustrated, his mother, the vengeful Zofia Fabrikant, swears to ruin the cabaret, to bring her son home and to wrest from him control of the fortune. The actresses quickly become an attraction in the streets of Romania, Poland and Hungary. Their colorful personalities, their confrontations and alliances, and the way in which each of them comes face to face with reality, make for numerous comic situations. The reader is won over by the rich and sensual world of the womens’ adventures and the people they meet during their travels.

French, Italian
Title Professor Fabrikant’s Historical Cabaret
Writer's Last Name Pinkus
Writer's First Name Yirmi
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Am Oved
No. Pages 303pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ha-Cabaret shel Professor Fabrikant
  • “The refreshing idea of writing a book that is, in its entirety, an ode to cultural life, leisure time, and entertainment… this book by Pinkus does not apologize for being entertaining and amusing – on the contrary. He treats the historical cabaret and his cast of elderly female actresses with all the respect that they deserve, as he negotiates Israeli culture’s search for normalcy.”

  • “Yirmi Pinkus uses rich, clever and picturesque language. The tale has an amusing tone to it, and an abundance of comical situations and colorful characters.”