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Property: Sold

An aging neighborhood, built in the 1950s for army officers and their families, has suddenly become a real-estate goldmine. One after the other, the modest houses are being replaced by huge villas, and the residents’ world is invaded by hi-tech executives, ex-models and business moguls, the stars of a new, vibrant, but predatory economy. Against this backdrop, a passionate love story develops between Hileli Gavrielli, a single mother who grew up in the neighborhood, and Gabi Hayek, originally from a poor area nearby and now a wealthy-and ruthless-real estate dealer. This is not the first time their paths have crossed: years ago, Hayek, then a young soldier, seduced 13-year-old Hileli. Now the two meet again-he on his way up in the world and she on her way down.

A harshly lucid book about the gaps opening up in Israeli society, the fight between old and new “elites” and the loss of Israel’s founding ideals.

Title Property: Sold
Writer's Last Name Zamir
Writer's First Name Michal
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Xargol
No. Pages 191pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Mitkanim Ve-Atraktzyot
  • “ Property: Sold is an almost tender love letter to the site of Zamir's childhood, and a parable of Israel today in which the ideals of the founding fathers are no longer respected and money rules. In literary terms, Zamir's new novel is more mature… its insight goes far deeper. ”

    Die Zeit
  • “ Radical, moving, written with biting humor. ”

  • “ An excellent novel. ”