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Rosie in Love

Rosie Parsley, a little girl-rabbit, is in love with Mr. Lettuce, a boy-rabbit. But does he know what Rosie feels for him? And is he in love with her? Rosie isn’t sure. After looking for hints – unsuccessfully — and wondering tearfully if she should write him a note, she decides to cook some tasty dishes to attract him. But although other rabbits come to eat, Mr. Lettuce doesn’t appear. So Rosie tries another way: she puts on lipstick, eye make-up and high-heeled shoes and goes out for a walk. But she trips and falls. Mr Lettuce comes and helps her up, but when she asks him to be her boyfriend, he walks away. Defeated, Rosie goes home.

How dense boy-rabbits can be! she thinks. That’s it, she’s had enough! But then, as Rosie is getting over her crush, Mr. Lettuce shows up and says, “Perhaps we’ll start over and take a stroll in the clover?”

A funny-romantic tale for little ones and big ones too.

Title Rosie in Love
Writer's Last Name Zarchi
Writer's First Name Nurit
Genre Children
Ages 4 up
Illustrations Hilla Havkin
Publisher (Hebrew) Am Oved
No. Pages 30pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ahavata Shel Rosie Petrosil