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Saving Shimba

Shimba, the baby elephant, arrives at the nursery for orphaned elephants in Africa after his mother is killed by poachers. Daphne and her father find him wandering all alone lost in the bush and take him to the orphanage they run. They show him his cozy new house and introduce him to the other elephants: Lenana the matriarch, Chiyulu her second-in-command, naughty Lamputa, and wise Lisenjie. But it`s hard for little Shimba to adjust to his new life: he is sad and he misses his mom. Daphne and the other little elephants embrace Shimba, comfort him and shower him with love. They understand that the only thing Shimba really needs is love, and lots of it.

A heartwarming book based on the true story of little Shimba – whom the author adopted on the Internet – and a charity organization that started an elephant orphanage in Nairobi.

Title Saving Shimba
Writer's Last Name Levitsky
Writer's First Name Nomi
Genre Children
Ages 4-8
Illustrations Dani Kerman
Publisher (Hebrew) Kinneret
No. Pages 45pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Lehatzil Et Shimba