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Nina makes a living as a photographer of cadavers at the morgue, but she aspires to become a successful artist. One day, the body of a young woman is brought in, and Nina sees that lying on the cold steel table is her perfect double. From that moment on, in a boundlessly uninhibited adventure, Nina invades the lives of the people (and a cat) that the dead woman has left behind. From her point of view, all means are justified in order to produce a work of art that will leave no one indifferent, not even the local art world, which condemns her.

Showroom is a trenchant, vibrant and impertinent psychological novel that centers around a character who refuses to play by the rules, or even to understand them. From autopsy rooms to gallery spaces, Schnadower does not hesitate to lay bare the duplicitous morality of her characters in order to ironically and entertainingly depict a world that is made up entirely of hypocrisy and deceit as well as art, sex, and self-destruction.

Title Showroom
Writer's Last Name Schnadower
Writer's First Name Rinat
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
No. Pages 277pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Memalet Makom