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Sigal runs her professional life with cold efficiency, just as she runs her young son and her home. As important as excellence in her career and motherhood is her image as a desirable woman, which she channels towards her boss. She houses her sick father in an assisted living facility and even when she visits she avoids a real encounter with him­- a hint at a childhood trauma connected to him.

“Expanding the profit margins” and the “17% manpower cut” that Sigal introduces at her work place disrupt the lives of both Avigdor, an older, uncharismatic bookkeeper who has been fired, and Na`ama, a junior employee who is actively hostile towards her. Portrayed at first as idealistic and humane in her concern for Avigdor, Na`ama becomes more dominant, until it is clear that she, like Sigal, is manipulative at the expense of those who are weaker than her.

An intriguingly suggestive book whose avant-garde style combines a number of “voices”, and intensities.

Title Sigal
Writer's Last Name Schurr
Writer's First Name Asaf
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Babel
No. Pages 184pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Sigal
  • “ A brilliantly designed human circus, magnificently ludicrous. ”

  • “ Asaf Schurr is an extraordinary writer who writes extraordinary stories. Schurr’s uniqueness persists regardless of the fact that he has already published three books with a similar literary voice. They are still extraordinary, each separately and all of them put together.”

    Israel Hayom
  • “ There are religious-mystical chords in Schurr’s approach to writing... Intelligent and eloquent. ”