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Soup for a Present

This is the story of a creative and self-reliant little boy who enjoys giving as well as getting, a story of family warmth and love. It is told humorously, and it contains an amusing role reversal as well as some irony.

Dad gives Gidi a rocking horse for a present, but after galloping on his horse Gidi goes into the kitchen and takes a large saucepan from the cupboard. Then Mom brings Gidi a rabbit; he strokes it for a bit, and then he goes to the kitchen and takes a wooden spoon out of a drawer. Grandma and grandpa also bring Gidi presents that make him happy and he kisses them, but he still insists on going to the kitchen and pouring milk and flour into the saucepan. While the grownups are sitting talking in the living room, Gidi is busy with his soup. He adds mushrooms, noodles, pickled herring, apple peel, yoghurt, humus, a piece of a meatball, the white of an egg, a black olive and even some play dough and a sock with a hole in it. After mixing it all together, he tastes it and invites the family to the table to enjoy the present he has made for them! Mom, dad, grandma and grandpa eat Gidi’s soup and each and every one of them praises the dish served up by the clever little cook.

Gidi is thrilled ‒ he rolls up his sleeves and goes to the kitchen to concoct another dish.

Title Soup for a Present
Writer's Last Name Shimborsky
Writer's First Name Gina
Genre Children
Ages 2-5
Illustrations Ora Ayal
Publisher (Hebrew) Agam
No. Pages 30pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Marak Be-Matana