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Summer Predators

A high-school teacher discovers that he is afraid of his students now that they are no longer children; he believes that one of them understands his feelings and he acts imprudently in a place where everyone knows everyone. A new immigrant works daily as a cleaner in a famous woman`s house; she keeps accusing him of bizarre thefts, but also needs him as though he were her only friend, and this duality will drive him to a wholly unexpected kind of thieving. A young girl, who wears an orthopedic back brace, tests her limits with a drunken neighbor, who is no less unusual than she and whose limits are also blurred. And in a failed cafe, a woman is about to commit a crime in exchange for something that will result in either life or death.

Anat Einhar skillfully leads her characters through cities which have turned into a wild, deceptive wilderness where the boundaries between men and women, young and old, change repeatedly. Einhar`s wonderful writing portrays a world whose orderly facade may crack at any moment.

Title Summer Predators
Writer's Last Name Einhar
Writer's First Name Anat
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Am Oved
No. Pages 288pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Torfim Shel Kayitz
  • “ You cannot read Einhar`s novel or take in her exquisite images all at once, deny her obvious, beaming talent or let your heart absorb so many emotions. Nor can you avoid being awed by the complexity of the situations she depicts. The book is that good… This is a superb, patient kind of writing.”

  • “ We have here a rare, inimitable talent that appears in literature maybe once every two decades. Einhar is an almost perfect novelist.”

  • “ Like a magician, Einhar takes banal, mundane materials and colors them in shades you never even knew existed… Summer Predators is a whole new kind of falling in love. You must read it!”