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Partial English translation available (for publishers only)

Superbabe and the Enchanted Circle

This mysterious story is filled with magic and wizardry. Its two unnamed protagonists suddenly find themselves motherless, after a powerful young sorceress casts an evil spell on her. How will they ever manage to reverse the spell and bring their mother back?

A brother and sister are upset with their mother for not allowing them to keep a stray puppy. Searching for someone who will adopt the pup, they run into “Perfect.” She is named “Perfect” not because she really is perfect, but because she is so conceited; everybody knows she has lived abroad, has a talking parrot and a private tutor, and brings Japanese food to school for lunch instead of a simple sandwich. They taunt her, and she retaliates by putting a spell on their mother, causing her to disappear into Perfect`s home.

Unable to sleep that night, the two children fear that their mother has forgotten them. They realize they miss her. The next day, they begin searching for a new mother, but find no suitable replacement. Later, they ask Shiri, an older girl who lives on their street. But she is quite indifferent to them. Finally the two turn to Yuval, known to be something of a wizard himself. He provides them with a counter-spell, and they carry out his intricate instructions, writing their mother a letter. In it, they tell her they are fed up with eating sweets, that they don`t mind not having the puppy, and that they miss her terribly. And – lo and behold – when morning comes, their mother is back. For young readers, this not only an enchanting story of hexes and spells; it also points to the importance of appreciating our mothers, despite all they forbid us to do.

Title Superbabe and the Enchanted Circle
Writer's Last Name Kimhi
Writer's First Name Alona
Genre Children
Ages 6-8
Illustrations Inbal Hoffman
Publisher (Hebrew) Keter
No. Pages 44pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Mushlemet Ve Ha-Ma`agal Ha-Mechushaf