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The Bald Truth

The first draft of this allegorical satire was written in 1945, in a dilapidated house in Budapest, Hungary, where Kishon had found refuge. While waiting to be released by Allied Forces, the young satirist decided to fight the Nazis with the only weapon available — the wit of his pen. Fifty years later the well-known author has turned his first sketch into a biting, sarcastic, full length, allegorical novel about the Nazi persecution of the Jews. The novel is also a plea against all bigotry and persecution.

The novel’s hero, Gidon Pinta, a young, charismatic charlatan has been fired from his job. He and a journalist friend seek revenge through a series of articles which focus on the former boss’ hairless head, along with all bald heads…. Much to the two friends’ surprise, readers react enthusiastically, and matters quickly get out of hand. Following a series of inane events, Pinta becomes the leader of the National Hair Defenders Party, dedicated to fighting bald people everywhere. Bald people are blamed for all the nation’s ills — for misuse of national resources, for controlling capital funds and positions of power in the nation and around the world, as well as for the mass unemployment. Pinta’s party is elected to Parliament, but as the party gains power, corruption and abuse of their power increase. After foreign enemies invade, Pinta finds himself in an insane asylum, writing his memoirs, which no one believes. The novel depicts a frightening prophecy while making readers laugh until their eyes tear.

The novel has been published in German and Hungarian, and has sold over 250,000 copies in Europe.

German, Hungarian
Title The Bald Truth
Writer's Last Name Kishon
Writer's First Name Ephraim
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Hed Artzi
No. Pages 231pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Saʹir, La-Azazel