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The Banality of Love

Germany, 1924: Heidegger, a married philosophy professor, and his brilliant 18-year-old Jewish student Hannah Arendt are drawn to each other intellectually and spiritually. But the reality of the 1930s separates them, leading the one into the arms of the Nazi party with academic honors and the other, persecuted, to flee her country.

Years later, two meetings take place. One, in 1950, where Arendt questions Heidegger`s ability to justify his Nazi allegiance, and struggles against his lack of regret for turning his back on her. The second, years later: when Israel shuns Arendt for promoting Heidegger’s writing, a young Israeli researcher asks her some pointed questions about her past. Arendt is torn: as a philosopher, she struggles to publish Heidegger`s major work in Israel; as a woman, she is still waiting for her ex-lover to express regret for his behavior.

Confronting philosophy with politics, and romance with reality, The Banality of Love has been staged to great acclaim in Germany.

Italian, Spanish
Title The Banality of Love
Writer's Last Name Liebrecht
Writer's First Name Savyon
Genre Fiction
Publisher (Hebrew) Or Am
No. Pages 117pp.
Book title - Hebrew (phonetic) Ha-Banaliyut shel Ha-Ahava
  • “ A deeply moving and many-layered play.”

  • “ Liebrecht`s play raises important questions [and involves] the highest tension.... The strong applause included the author of the drama.”

    Kolner Stadtanzeiger
  • “ Quiet, yet exciting; rich in words and ideas yet vivid; demanding but also entertaining. Extraordinary. ”

  • “ A wise and gripping play, which convincingly interprets an important love-story in contemporary history. ”